For over 16 years, Gbenga Yusuf has built quite an impressive body of work in the Performance Industry both within and outside the shores of Nigeria. He has become a recognised name and face in the Arts and is often sought for his brilliance in many areas of specialization.


Amongst his many achievements, one can find that he has led and collaborated in producing AMVCA Opening Performances, LEGENDS, FLOWER, MOREMI, SARO, WAKAA, BATONGA and many others. He also puts together short opening sequences for bespoke events and has been known not to disappoint.

Commanding a veritable army of musical geniuses, dancers and actors, every production leaves an after-taste that lingers long after the ink on the ticket has faded.


Director, Producer

Having directed many successful musicals, dances and theatre productions, this one-time Maltina DanceAll Coach continues to push the envelope at every opportunity. 

Gbenga Yusuf